Switchboard with "withdrawable" drawers

ESPADA switchboards cover the applications where add-on, maintenance or replacement does not require any power power switch-off (service index 3.3.3, mobility index W.W.W).

Optimum safety for your installations and users.

  • Main power distribution panels TGBT
  • Motor Control centers MCC

Optimal solution for :

  • operating flexibility ,

  • preventive maintenance,

  • extensions without power switch-off,

  • people and equipement security.


  • Powered-up panel 

    • Access to drawer (functional unit)

  • Very easy 

    • Ultra-fast exchange of drawers

  • Intervention time < 30 sec


  • Switchboard with "withdrawable" drawers according to IEC/EN 61439-1 and IEC/EN 61439-2

  • Service index : I.S 3.3.3

  • Add-on or replacement of any functional unit  without panel power switch-off

  • Mobility index  : W.W.W.

  • Maximum caliber of functional units in drawers  : 630 A

  • Bus bars system : up to 7800 A

  • Sectional separation form : 3a up to 4b more information

  • Connection front or rear, top or bottom, with cable enclosure of modular width at 126 mm increment (378 mm, 504 mm, aso.)

  • Power clamps more information

  • Auxiliary contacts more information

  • Architecture and modularity more information

  • Busbar and connections more information

  • Certificates more information

  • Standard painting : Gray RAL 7035 or Blue BS4800

  • Functionnal unit in drawer more information

  • Configuration table more information

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