Functionnal unit for switch in molded housing (MCCB)

The connection interface between switch and busbar are calibrated up to 630 A. They are designed in order to allow IR thermography from the front face. The upstream  busbar connection points  (IP2X) being visible from the front.

The connection interfaces  "tested original manufacturer" with many electrical equipment manufactuers are built with an isolating bloc of polyamide   on wihich are fixed the copper strips with 3 possible calibers:

  • up to 250 A
  • up to 400 A
  • up to 630 A

The connection interface is fixed on the plate surface opposite to the switch. The length of the switch attachement screws is détermined in order to fulfill the isolating distances with respect to powered parts.

The link between interface and switch is performed with copper strips.

The plate is made with oblond holes for an easy mounting to the panel structure.


(MCCB lay out)


(MCCB plate)

Different plates are  existing :

  1. Dedicated plates for ABB , EATON, SCHNEIDER and with MCCB fixing holes.
  2. Holes for other types of switches

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