Architecture  and modularity

Key points of Tabula

Tabula is fully modular

  • in  3 dimensions

  • with module steps of  126mm

  • ( DIN standard  : 125mm +/- 1mm)


Optimal dimensions of each switchboard
Adaptable to substations power distribution constraints


  • Optimized usage of space, taking into account thermal constraints 

  • Easy extension possiblity at each end




Optimized usage of space


L-shaped switchboard


U-shaped switchboard


Optimized usage of space


It is based on state of the art metal profiles :

  • Who  insure perfect stability and  rigidity

  • With double reinforced profile

  • With vertical profile with claws for better accessibility (dismounting and maintenance)


  • Mechanical impact, IK05 for doors and panels accroding to  IEC/EN 61439-3

  • Designed to widthstand earthquakes up to 7th degree Richter scale


Surface treatment


  • Vertical bars are made with treated or ALUZINC® -coated steel sheet

  • Maximum electrical continuity of protection circuits

  • Protection against direct contacts

  • Very high protection against corrosion, according to IEC 61439-1

  •  Life ttime up 6 times galvanisation

  • Metrological control at end of production

  • All components are burred and rounded

Doors, panels, breastplates

  • Thickness 1,5 mm

  • Degreasing, phosphating, passivation

  • Epoxy painted steel

  • Color Blue BS 4800 or gray RAL 7035

  • Other colors on specific request

Doors and panels



Double folded soldered edge  (45°) 

  • High torsion rigidity ,

  • Protection of seals.


Associated to seals, the 45° double folded edge insures : 

  • A high contact pressure,

  • An IP54 protection degree according to l’IEC/EN 60529.



Snappable hinges 

  • for maintenance,

  • easy mounting / dismounting 

  • no tuning.


Hinges + doors  

  • Conductivity on default current:

Z < 1,5m Ω

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