Tehnical support

Who better than the manufacturer is able to maintain and upgrade your switchboard ?

Thanks to our teams of qualified technicians, we are able to work anywhere in France and abroad, for new installations, maintenance ou on-site upgrades of existing installations, ensuring the maximum continuity of service, according the «required indices».



  • Supply of additional columns with bus bars splinting up to 7800 A.

  • Supply and installation of all types of additional outgoers

  • W.W/W.W.D/W.F.D drawers

  • Fixed feeders

  • Replacement of all types of equipements while maintaining your current structure or drawers.

Preventive maintenance

After diagnosis by thermal camera, supplied or carried out by us:

  • Checking the condition of the switchboard and its surroundings,
  • Cleaning and dusting,

  • Checking the performance and operation, taking into account any changes,

  • Testing of mechanical elements, locks, linkages, handles, locks, etc.

  • Checking the plugs, withdrawals, slides, etc., and greasing the contact clamps,

  • Checking protective devices (differential, triggers, etc.),

  • Replacement of defective parts.




Our specialists are at your disposal to advise and assist you in all your projects:

  • Restructuring,

  • Replacement,

  • Modifications,

  • Analysis of the obsolescence of your panels/equipment.

  • Analysis and intervention after a disaster.

  • Express supply of temporary switchboards.

  • Upgrading to standards.

  • Additional measurements (RT2012) or other BMS/CTM topics.

  • Resumption of patterns/replacement of faceplates, supply of metal faceplates.

  • Updating CAD plans.

Supply of additional columnsschema mounting plate

replacement of all types of switchgear while maintening your current drawersIMG 7709

additional columns with bus bars splinting up to 7800 A

upgrading to standardsunite fonct tiroir nombr aux

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