Sectional separation and forms

As a part of the TABULA system, the internal separation improves the reliability of equipements as well as security of persons.

They define the form of the switchboard according to the IEC 61439-2 standard.


Following criteria according to  CEI 61439-2

  • Divide assemblies in separate compartments or confined spaces.

  • Protection against direct contacts with adjacent functional units. Protection degree IPXXB

  • Protection against the passage of solid bodies from one functional unit to another adjacent unit. Protection degree  IP2X


The sectional separation form is agreed betwwen a switchboard manufacturer and its customer.

  • The form choice depends on  :

  • Usage conditions

  • Maintenance periodicity

  • Requirements and conditions of future extensions

  • Service continuity criteriia

TABULA answers to your needs up to form 4b and IS 3.3.3 (french standard).


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